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Captain Vyom. Yes!

A science fiction TV series from 1998. Too bad there's little sign of it on the net. Not only did they make an interesting story, their use of computer graphics was a big achievement for an Indian show of that time. Shaktimaan's effects weren't even close.

So, one day I was in the mood to do something new and I tried to recreate its theme song. The result wasn't that good.

To make the track, I recorded the tune played with guitar and a rhythm pattern played on my table (yes, that's right, a table). Then, I distorted them beyond recognition in the sweet GoldWave and added some sounds from here and there.
And for the background of the video, I searched for images on the web and was surprised to get a pretty good quality comic scan. Then, after some image editing, the track and the background image were put together in Adobe Flash and the video was made.

It did get quite some traffic on YouTube. So, I made a better version.

For this one, I used FL Studio.

For a old show like Captain Vyom, the videos have been getting a lot of views. On my old (deleted) channel, the first video got about 10K hits in 5 months. On my new channel too the videos have been getting a decent traffic. And that's only for fan made content.

What it means? It means that there are people who would like to watch this show again.
[to be updated]


  1. bro..... if you have episodes of 'captain vyom' then upload in youtube.....

  2. Sorry. I don't have any. Hope someone will.

  3. Bro I have started an online petition to get caption vyom on dvd or internet release from maya digital studio. we need more and more people to sign it , with enough signatures we might be able to get it.
    I hope you can add link to petition to your videos in description and ask viewers to sign it ?